Leading Remotely

A newsletter by Derrick Hicks

As Covid-19 (coronavirus) sweeps across the globe, many leaders will be directing their teams to work from home more than ever before. Doing so will introduce many new challenges and unique opportunities for leaders and their teams.

For the past two years, I've remotely led a team of 9 wonderful people on the marketing and data teams at ConvertKit. I've lead in-person teams at companies like Bodybuilding.com and TSheets for 5 years before that too. In this newsletter, I'll be sharing my ideas and perspective on what I believe it takes to lead your team well, remotely.

I'll be writing about:
  • Establishing shared values as a team
  • The tools we use to succeed as a 100% remote team at ConvertKit
  • Meeting structure and cadence
  • How to have productive conversations over video calls
  • Creating playbooks and systems so you don't need to "check-in" with your team all the time
  • And much more!

I know there are trying times ahead for all of us. I hope that I can do my small part to help by teaching what I've learned about leading remote teams. If you think this information would be of value to you, please signup up below. If you think it could be of value to someone else, please tell them about it so they can signup too. ♥︎

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